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Assured Employment Services

Assured Employment Services was established in 2012. Through the years, we gained the trust of many customers because of our commitment to customer satisfaction. Our aim is to be the top choice for families in Singapore who are in need of domestic helper services.

Why Choose Us

Our Commitment to Customer Satisfaction is One of The Most Important Priority

Our commitment to customer satisfaction is one of the most important priority. Our experienced consultants take time to understand the unique needs of every individual client before matching them with a helper who is best suited to meet those needs. Additionally, we provide a guarantee period during which clients can request a replacement helper if they are not satisfied with the initial match. During the employment tenor, we also provide counselling and mediation when needed.

Our Strict Protocols

High retention rate is key for our success. To achieve that, our domestic helpers has to go through a rigorous screening process before we put them up for selection. We only work with established, trustworthy and experienced counterparts. With collaborated effort, we shortlist only the qualified helpers who shows eagerness and good attitude to work. All selected helpers are also required to undergo extensive trainings and pass a medical examination before embarking to Singapore.

Upon arrival in Singapore, we will provide comprehensive trainings to the helpers. This includes training in household chores, cooking, and childcare. The agency also offers ongoing support and training to ensure that its helpers are equipped with the necessary skills to provide excellent service to their clients.

In Summary, Why Assured?

  • We are fully committed to customer satisfaction.
  • We have more than 10 years of experience.
  • We only work with trustable, reliable and experienced overseas counterparts.
  • Our helpers go through a rigorous screening process before they are shortlisted to our customer for selections.
  • Our experience consultants takes time to understand the needs of our employers before shortlisting candidates for interview.
  • We are accredited with Philippines Embassy, Indonesian Embassy and Association of Employment Agencies Singapore(AEAS).

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